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Frequently Asked Questions

What instruments do you play during your one-man band LIVE sessions?

I play up to 4 hours of LIVE instrumental music where I loop songs of different genres using drums, bass, piano, guitar, and ukulele.

What is the Musical MC Duo?

MC Carolin & Hyphen, a dynamic Duo that hosts your event by blending Master of Ceremonies with a Live Music experience. This works well as an add-on to our Live Music services, however, it can also be booked independently.

What is special about your One Man Band Show?

I play various instruments and build up songs that create a truly unique, engaging, and entertaining experience for the audience. I play songs from a diverse mix of genres like Rock ’n’ Roll, Blues, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Country, Indian, Latin, Hip-Hop and more. I typically curate my set list depending on the type of event that I am booked for and include songs that people belonging to every generation can enjoy. Being a one-man band, I can entertain without needing the space required for a three or four-member band or a dedicated stage. 

What is included in your set up?

All my instruments, sound equipment, and 2 microphones. I can cover sound for private venues that can hold up to 500 guests. I can integrate my setup into the in-house system if more sound power is required.

What do you need at the venue?

7 x 7 feet space for my set up with 2 electrical plug points.

How much time would you need for your set-up and sound check before the event?

I would require about 2 hours for set-up and sound check. I prefer to set up as early as the venue allows me to do so.

How much time would you need to tear down and wrap up after your performance?

I would require about 60 minutes to tear down.

Do you play LIVE music for wedding ceremonies?

Yes, I play ceremonial, instrumental music for the bridal entry using solo guitar, ukulele, or harmonica as per client requirements. This is an add-on option available in my list of services.

Do you learn new songs and take music requests?

Yes, if provided well in advance.

What do you wear to events?

I am happy to follow the event's dress code if any. At events where there is no special dress code, I follow my own signature style in line with the event type.

Do you collaborate with DJs and other artists?

Yes, gladly. I collaborate with DJs and other musicians and artists to augment an entire event for after-parties, dance parties, grand wedding entrances, baraats, live shows, cocktail hours, happy hours, receptions, etc. This is an add-on option available in my list of services.

What is the breakdown of your fees?

1) Performance Fees

2) Travel Fees - flight tickets + ground transportation + accommodation + food (varies according to locations outside of the Greater Houston area)

3) Applicable Taxes

Do you offer music lessons?

Yes, I offer private music lessons in ukulele, guitars, and drums for all age groups.

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