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Our Services

Immersive Live Music and Master of Ceremonies (MC Duo) 

entertainment for public and private events. Open to all special client requests and travel requirements worldwide.

Below are the services we offer.

One Man Band

I play up to 4 hours of LIVE instrumental music where I loop songs using Drums, Bass, Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele. Suitable for cocktail hours, receptions, or any event looking for a unique and immersive LIVE musical experience.

Ceremonial Music

I play ceremonial, instrumental music for the bridal entry and/or throughout the whole ceremony using solo Guitar, Ukulele, or Harmonica as per client requests.


I augment special entrances at receptions dedicated to the guests of honor by infusing guitar into their entrance songs. 

Music Teacher

Offering private lessons in Guitar, Ukulele, Bass & Drums for all age groups.

Musical MC Duo (Master of Ceremonies)

Live Music-infused MC-ing by Hyphen and MC Carolin, a Dynamic Duo, hosting your event. This is a great add-on to our Live Music services.

Solo Exhibition Shows

These are high-energy solo LIVE shows where I perform my original music, a guitar fusion medley, and other special client requests. This includes playing the electric Guitar for 20 to 30 minutes and entertaining the crowd. This is a great way to lead into the opening of the dance floor at the end of the night. 


I collaborate with DJs, other musicians, and artists to augment an entire event for your special events. 

Special Requests

Open to all special client requests provided in advance.

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